Apache Cordova 4 Programming Cover Image

This book started many years ago as a book called PhoneGap Essentials; the book was all about PhoneGap 2.0 and was published right about the time the project name changed to Apache Cordova. The book came in at about 300 pages. The book’s first 150 pages covered the available tools and everything a developer needed to know to configure a development environment, and then create, write, build, and test PhoneGap applications. The second half of the book provided a detailed deep dive into each of the (at the time) PhoneGap APIs. The cool part of this second half was that for each API it included at least one complete, functional sample application that demonstrated each aspect of the API. The framework’s documentation was pretty useful in demonstrating how the API worked overall, but PhoneGap Essentials provided much more thorough examples.

The book went on to become the best-selling book on the topic, and it was used in university courses around the world. According to Amazon.com, people are still purchasing this book today.

With the release of Apache Cordova 3, I reworked the manuscript and published Apache Cordova 3 Programming. This book also came in at 300 pages but was essentially a rewrite of just the first half of PhoneGap Essentials with only cursory coverage of the Cordova APIs provided. This allowed me to go into much more detail on the tools and development process.

Unfortunately, the book was available only as an ebook, so most readers didn’t even know it existed. This was exacerbated by Amazon’s refusal to link a printed book to an updated version in a different format; I could point people interested in the ebook version of PhoneGap Essentials to the ebook version of Apache Cordova 3 Programming, but I could not do the same for the printed version. The side effect of this was that people continued to buy PhoneGap Essentials even though it covered an older version of the framework.

In order to accommodate those readers who were more interested in the Cordova APIs, I reworked the second half of PhoneGap Essentials into another 300 pages called Apache Cordova API Cookbook. In this book, the complete example applications from PhoneGap Essentials were enhanced and expanded, and all of the book’s content was updated for the newer version of Cordova. I’d not covered some topics as well as I would have liked to in the first book, so this update allowed me to really expand the coverage of some topics and include even more complete sample applications (32, I think it was).

Between Apache Cordova 3 Programming and Apache Cordova API Cookbook, I had written more than 600 pages of coverage of Apache Cordova 3. That’s more than twice the size of the original book and a lot of good information for developers.