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Welcome to the companion web site for Apache Cordova 4 Programming. Here you will find information about the book as well as some resources you can use as you read the book or afterwards.

This is a book about Apache Cordova, the leading framework for building native mobile applications for multiple target platforms using HTML5 (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). I created the book in order to help web developers and mobile developers understand how to use Apache Cordova to build hybrid applications for mobile devices. The book targets the specific capabilities provided in Apache Cordova 4 and subsequent versions.

As Adobe PhoneGap is just a distribution of Apache Cordova, this book is also about Adobe PhoneGap. You’ll find any differences between the two clearly described herein.

The book is written for mobile developers who want to learn about Apache Cordova 4. If you’re brand- new to Cordova, then this book will be just what you need to get started. If you’re experienced with an older version of Cordova, this book can act as a refresher, plus it will show you in detail how to use all of the new stuff that’s in Cordova 4. You should have at least some experience with mobile development to directly benefit from this book. For web developers who want to get into mobile development using Apache Cordova, I’ve included content that shows you how to install and use the native SDKs, but I won’t cover many native-specific topics.

All of the source code is available online in the book’s GitHub repository.

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