Sample Chapter Available

A sample chapter from the book, Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Cordova Application, was published today. You can access the free chapter on the Inform IT web siteInform IT web site.

Rough Cut Available on Safari Books Online

The Rough Cut version of Apache Cordova 4 Programming has been published on Safari Books OnlineSafari Books Online. This 'version' of the manuscript has been through the full editing process, so there should be very little difference between what's there and what makes it to print.

Safari Books Online is a for fee service, so anyone with a subscription can start reading the book now. If you don't have a subscription, you can still sign-up for a free account and be able to read the book free for 30 days (or so). It's an excellent way to read books.

I get notified of any comments published by readers, so if you read the book and see anything that is incorrect or unclear, let me know so I can publish any needed updates to the site's Errata area.

Editing Process Completed

Today we finished the formal copy edit process. The whole manuscript has been scrubbed, spell checked, puncutuated and is all ready to go.

I was able to secure an excellent forward from Dr. Robert J. Lutz, Assistant Professor in theSchool of Science and Technology at Georgia Gwinnett College. He uses my books in his University courses and I was able to spend some time with his class as I worked on the book.

Development Edit Complete

The manuscript has been through the first step in the editing process - a development editor has reviewed the manuscript for consistency and flow. Next step is the formal copy editing process where it will be spell checked, punctuated and more by a professional editor.

Writing Finished

I completed the manuscript today and delivered it to the publisher for review. The last 'edition' of this book was about 300 pages, and I expected this one to be about 400 pages, but it's weighing in at about 550 pages. There's a lot of really good information in here and a lot of new topics are covered. Expecting the book to be in print by late March.